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A Bra Built for Two

June 23, 2009 // Birth & Breastfeeding

Before I became a mother I knew that I wanted to breastfeed my baby. During my work as a maternity RN I had taken numerous courses on breastfeeding and felt comfortable with it but also knew that it would take some work to learn. I had seen my older sister nurse her babies many times and she had made it look natural and easy. I learned that breastfeeding was portable and you could be on the go with your baby. However, one thing that she would complain about was the lack of quality nursing bras available and I soon found this to be my issue too.

After Ben was born I was ready to invest in a nursing bra that rocked and I had some requirements; they had to look good, feel comfortable and support the new found size. The bra also had to come in more than just your ‘go to’ white color. After all, I was still a woman and liked to feel good about myself and my undergarments definitely had a role in that. If I was wearing a frumpy poor fitting bra it would totally effect my mood. Feeling the band sliding around on my body or the fabric chafing at your skin making you sweat. Blargh! If things were fitting right and all was held in place and there was maybe a little colour then I would feel a bit better about things.

When I was heavily pregnant I went to google and tried to find the best bra; I was ready to invest and discover! All the maternity books tell you to go ahead and buy yourself a bra when you are almost near term but for me this did not end up working out. Who knew that the first initial of my last name would also be my bra size! However, I did go ahead and made several purchases of about 4 different nursing bras. From your token department store brand to more higher end brands. None of these worked and none of them felt comfortable. One friend said she went the whole first year feeling uncomfortable in her nursing bra because of the fit and the fabric and I just didn’t want to have to go down that road.

When Ben was 2 weeks old I went on my first trip out by myself. I went to a very nice lingerie shop in Vancouver, called Diane’s Lingerie, and asked them to show me their top nursing bra. They showed me the ones I had seen before and I started to feel a little depressed. Maybe I would also hate my bra for the next whole year? Then they brought out the bra that changed my whole world. Maybe that is a little dramatic but seriously it was like a totally normal bra. It didn’t have huge humongous straps with thick padding or give the effect that just had one boob. It was smooth and clean and the fabric was wonderful! It was also an underwire and I loved that. I was so excited and felt giddy so I bought two. I guess it really is the little things that make me happy.

The bra is by the brand ‘Anita’ and I wore this nursing bra in black under a bridesmaid dress the following week and things looked pretty good. I can slip on tank tops and fitted shirts and no one knows about my functioning bra. Definitely a winner in my books! Click here to check out the bra.



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