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Grandpa Safety to the Rescue!

June 29, 2009 // Parenting

Growing up with my two sisters we were always kept in order with my Dad’s safety precautions. In fact so much so that we are all a little on ‘the safe side’ in our adult years. Our husbands will testify to that as we three sisters tend to worry about things ahead and will guard a lit candle with our eyes. So, in honor of my Dad I am introducing occasional posts by ‘Grandpa Safety’! From time to time Grandpa Safety will make an appearance and will write to all you readers about safety concerns related to babies and children. Sometimes it might be a specific product, a story or an issue current in the news. Here are some words from our Grandpa Safety! Enjoy! Please feel free to leave him a comment. ~ Mama in the City

Andrea asked for some thoughts from Ben’s Grandpa that might be of interest and I am pleased to oblige. My wife and I were overjoyed when we first became grandparents some five years ago and now we are proud to have three grandchildren with Ben being the youngest one. So, what can a grandpa write about that might be helpful and won’t illicit remarks such as ” We don’t do it that way any more ! “. Well, I thought a few comments on Canada’s role in improving safety of food, consumer and health products might be helpful.

If you are looking at this web site I guess you most likely have a little one or hoping for one in the future. Making sure that your baby has the best possible food and the least exposure to hazards is a big deal for most parents. Especially right now with that topic being in the news. In Canada most parents can make a choice on such items as food and baby toys but it seems that often things slip through and the hazards are just not obvious. The Canadian government has recently announced that it is bringing in a new Canada Consumer Product Act and strengthening regulations.

Some of their press release states – “Health Canada moved to ban the use of harmful chemical additives called phthalates in children’s soft vinyl toys,strict new regulations preventing toy companies from using six phthalates in bath toys (rubber duckies), animal figures, school supplies and vinyl bibs.It also moved to effectively ban lead content in children’s products that come in contact with young mouths, such as pacifiers, teethers, snorkels, baby bottle nipples, and sippy cups.

This grandpa thinks these new rules are a good thing so long as they are actually enforced! Ben seems to be at the stage when he will chew just about anything and no parent should have to worry if something like a toy could make their baby sick.



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