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Why We Love Our UppaBaby Stroller

June 10, 2009 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways

One thing that I noticed during my pregnancy with Ben was fancy strollers everywhere I went. All around Vancouver there were mamas pushing high end strollers. It really was the best of the best in stroller world. Some strollers were almost space age like and some were your classic celebrity types. You hardly saw a local pushing around a classic Graco stroller.

I thought maybe something was up in strollerland when I saw a group of new mothers at a local Yaletown park for a stroller fit boot camp. All mamas had  had high end strollers. There were no inbetweens and each stroller was fixed up with every accessory that was offered. This is the difference between living in the city with a baby and not. Your stroller becomes an extension of you as you move around the city living your daily life.

When it came time to deciding which stroller we were going to buy back in 2008, we decided on the Uppababy Vista and it was our first big pre baby purchase. Buying that stroller felt like a huge milestone and was the very obvious sign that ‘a baby was coming’!

The Uppa Baby Vista comes with the bassinet and the toddler seat too. I already had visions of me pushing around the bassinet stroller and sipping lattes around the Vancouver seawall. My sweet quite baby all snuggled up in inside. Little did I know that my baby actually would despise being put down into any type of stroller and would let you know it. He much preferred being carried, held or slinged. However, my stroller was still put to good use.

We used the bassinet every night in our room. This is where he slept. In the bassinet on a stand next to my bed. Handy for breastfeeding and I was getting my use out of this bassinet! The Uppa Baby bassinet makes it so easy for a tired mother to quickly maneuver the stroller as it so easy to pop the bassinet on and off. Fold up your stroller. Easy! Time to move to the next seat. Simple! No switching back and forth of fabrics. Plus, I found the stroller easy to keep clean and parts of it were machine washable.

Really the biggest thing that I loved about the Uppababy Vista was the HUGE basket. You can fit so much in this basket and it is perfect for the family that walks everywhere and uses their stroller like a car. I am in love with this stroller. It goes out with us every single day, multiple times a day. Now my baby snoozes in it and we walk the city from one side to the next.



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