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Table for one: my baby the food critic

June 19, 2009 // Parenting

It turns out that my baby is a food snob and doesn’t mind giving a critique of his nightly dinner. He turns his nose up at any baby food that comes out of a jar and will endlessly gag when being fed these store bought dinners. He prefers his food to be caramelized and fresh with perfect seasoning. You see, my husband is a fantastic cook which is one of the reasons I fell in love with him almost 8 years ago. The man can cook and seasons things to perfection. So, when Ben started to eat ‘food’, my husband took it as the perfect opportunity to also cook for him.

So, what does this baby consume as his nightly dinner? Well, his favorite would be roasted sweet potato with caramelized onions and organic chicken with homemade chicken stock all mixed together to make some delicious baby food. Oh and it is really so delicious that I would steal little spoonfuls away from my baby. We had been giving Ben the homemade goodness but, of course, life got busy and we ran out of all our stock and bought some jarred food. It was simple and I felt good giving him a variety of tastes.

Bad move mama! After the delights he tasted from his Dad’s cooking this baby knows the difference and he was M-A-D! Tonight I was spooning out some of the bought baby food, a rendition of turkey and vegetables, and I made the poor boy almost choke to death from the horrible apparent poison I was serving up. He knows the difference now and he isn’t shy in letting us know.



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