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Vancouver Dining Sans Baby

June 22, 2009 // Vancouver

Once in awhile a city mama needs to have an evening or two out and about on the town sans baby. Dinner out with my husband ranks high on my priority list of fun things to do. So does meeting up with girlfriends to enjoy some conversation and something delicious. When Ben was being a naughty baby, and cried all day and night, we would schedule dinners out and let my youngest sister ‘shh’ and sway with him while we enjoyed some of the delicious food that Vancouver has to offer. Here are my top five places to dine around Vancouver city. I have a way longer list but these are a few gems that I offer to you.

1. Afternoon tea paired with a Kir Royal or two at Bacchus Lounge. Eating finger sandwiches here gives you the feeling that you are a lady of luxury. Especially when I am spooning out jam from the little pots and sipping some lavender early grey tea. This is a weekend girlfriends date but my husband loves it too. He always hopes that ll bring him home any leftovers and I have excellent intentions but always come home empty handed. I often will celebrate something by going out for afternoon tea with family and friends. Here are my parents last Father’s Day having brunch with us and two great girlfriends and me just before I got married having afternoon tea of course!

2. A close second is pizza and wine at Bacchus. Mmm. Thin crust pizza paired with some local Okanagan wines. I have this date with my girlfriend Krista every few months and we savour every little pizza crumb and drop of wine. Plus we love lounging in the plush red seats as we sway in our chairs to the live piano music.

2. Eating mussels and house made frites with my :boyfriend: at Chambar. A great little local spot with fresh Vancouver artwork on the walls. We enjoyed the art work so much that we got one of the artists to paint us a picture. Delicious selection of Belgian beers to boot! We made the painting the backdrop to many many at home pictures from sisters with their husbands to girlfriends heading out for dinner.

3. Italian Kitchen for kobe beef meatballs and spaghetti. Absolutely delicious and so incredibly filling that I always question why I finished it off. Nice city vibe for a meeting up with a group of friends. Sipping cocktails and enjoying some people watching.

4. For authentic Italian paninis we head to Scuie in Yaletown and devour their sandwiches. My favorite is the Milano which has pastrami, crem de brie, carmalized onion, tomato and some misculin. It is served toasty warm and takes me back to sitting in the pizzarias through out our vacation in Italy.

5. My last place is Glowbal Grill in Yaletown. A very favorite place for brunch, lunch and dinner. Really anything on the menu is tasty and if you are into the whole Twilight obsession you can rest easy knowing that the cast had a birthday party celebration here and might have eaten off the same plate as you.



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