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A Day in the Life of Ben

July 15, 2009 // Parenting

Some days seem to go by so quickly and morning meets night and we start all over again. Other days drag on and on and nothing gets accomplished but getting by. Sometimes I am dressed and ready to go early in the morning and sometimes I am seriously in my pajamas at noon. We had a good day today. This was our day:

6:20 AM– wake up and face the day! Ben is up and ready to go! weeee!

8:00 AM– Breakfast for baby some delicious blueberry and apple mash with oatmeal. A Ben favorite. Followed by a generous smattering of Cheerios to buy me a few extra minutes of coffee sipping.

8:00-9:30 AM– Play time! I half watch The View and drink more coffee and keep Ben busy.

9:30-10:45– Ben nap and mama gets to have a shower and do a bit of tidying up and boring house stuff.

11:30 AM– out the door and headed along the seawall to get on the water taxi. Off to Granville Island for a Mom and Tot meetup and picnic. Sidenote: folding your stroller with one hand while holding your baby and picnic items is hard work. I eventually had to get a few people to help me so we could get into the water taxi.

12 Noon– Get to our destination and we are the first people there besides the organizer. Typical me. Meet new mamas and babies, from our online meetup group, and talk about the main baby subjects: how old is your baby, what is their name, do they sleep well.

1:30 PM– Checked out the Kids Market and buy a birthday present for a baby friend. Ben does some loud practicing with his voice and then falls asleep in the stroller. I go and get an americano!

2:30 PM– Take the water taxi home and enjoy just sitting peacefully in the breeze. Ben wakes up moments into this but is having fun waving to all the tourists on our taxi.

3:00-4:00 PM– Fun times with Dad, playing on the floor and building blocks.

5:00 PM– Out the door again but this time to the park next door for some swinging good times and sunshine. Then off to post a card and buy dinner groceries and walk the dog. Multi tasking is what Mum’s do right?

6:00 PM– Home and baby has dinner with a bit more play time. He devours his sweet potato and chicken dinner in no time.

7:00 PM– Oh! It’s time for Ben’s bath and almost time for bed (yeah!).

7:30 PM– Not quite sleeping but we are winding down the day!

7:45 PM– Night night baby. I am sure we will hear from you sometime tonight!

So, what did you do today?



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