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Behind the times: The Breastfeeding Veil in North America

July 18, 2009 // Birth & Breastfeeding

Nothing irritates me more than reading newspaper articles that talk about a mother being shamed for breastfeeding in public. North America is so backwards about nursing babies in public and it makes me cringe. I found this article in our local Vancouver newspaper and I had to roll my eyes. Seriously! Are we really having this problem still because I can’t believe it. I guess that I have been fortunate that all of the hundreds of times I have breastfed in public no one has ever glared at me. The newspaper article was fine but it was the comments that really made me fired up! I absolutely despise people comparing breasteeding in public to them taking a crap in public or having oral sex in public and on and on. It is 100% legal to breastfeed in public. 100%. I can’t say the same thing about oral sex in public though.

Today I breastfed Ben on the beach in public and I saw more bouncing boobs in bikini tops than people saw of my own boobs. I saw more rotund male boobs with big areolas parading around than anyone saw of my own areolas. North America, get with the times! Breastfeeding in public should be the norm and really not create this kind of controversy.

Click HERE to read the original article.

Click HERE to see some massive bikini boobs that people are probably more okay with seeing in public.

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