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Let’s Hear It For The Girls!

July 25, 2009 // Uncategorized

One thing I have always tried to maintain with effort and energy is my friendships. I would like to think that I have put priority into these relationships and have definitely tried my best to keep connections going over time. I know that I have an easier time when a girlfriend lives within the same city but that is not always the case. I love to keep friendships going by sending cards and notes and remembering birthdays and occasions, all because I love my friends.

Since becoming a mother I have noticed a decline in my availability to meet up with girlfriends for late night dinner and drinks or casual coffee meet ups arranged at the last minute. Once in awhile life gets busy and I forget something but I will eventually remember because my girlfriends are important to me. I have noticed since Ben was born that I have slipped up on a birthday here and there and have failed to return phone calls on time and I expected this and sort of think that it is a normal reaction to life changing and getting bigger. It seems that my friendships with my ladies have changed a bit or quite a lot actually. Now there is the careful act of making time for girlfriends and balancing your baby and trying to fit it all in.

I have noticed that some friendships have grooved closer together since motherhood arrived and some are harder to keep up. I am sure this is totally natural and just one of those transitions in life. Maybe I can juggle it all and maybe I can’t? If you know me personally you know that I am a sentimental fool and pine for memories from the past. Somehow, as time goes by, I tend to make them glorious and I hold on to them tightly.

Those friendships that I put effort into in the past are still there and I love them so dearly. Girlfriends are a really great part of life and I think mine are pretty awesome. It might not be the exact way that it was before but maybe in someway it is better? On that note it is Wine Friday and so I make a toast to girlfriends!



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