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Oh Canada! It’s Product Placement Wednesdays!


Happy Canada Day to you! We have some fun family type of plans to celebrate Canada day in the city. A little family time and lunch with a good friend. Hopefully we can go and listen to some music in the park nearby. Of course Ben will be wearing a festive Canada Day shirt. It never gets dull here or quiet; Ben has been testing his vocal levels all morning!

Besides Canada Day it is also ‘Product Placement Wednesdays’! Apparently people are a little leary of the comment section because I get a lot of emails about upcoming Wednesdays posts. You guys have some great suggestions, keep on sharing them! I love getting your product ideas. Try out our new comment section which is suppose to be easier.

Today’s product is something I often use multiple times a day as the laundry piles up. This Wednesday I would like to introduce ‘Method baby squeaky green dryer cloths‘. Do you use them? Aren’t they fabulous! The wet sheets have a sweet scent of rice milk and mallow that leaves your laundry smelling oh so good! I will even seek them out if they are not stocked up in our neighborhood drugstore.

The great thing about these dryer cloths is that they are moist in the package and are made with plant based softeners. So, if you are vegan or vegetarian this is a product for you. Even if you don’t have baby clothes to launder the seriously good scent is worth it for your own duds. There is no animal fat or toxic softeners in these dryer sheets. Which is always good news.

Leave me a comment and suggest a product for upcoming an Wednesday!

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