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Orange You Glad You’re A Mother?

July 27, 2009 // Uncategorized

One thing that unites women across generations and through time is motherhood. You can be a mother in a different country and when another mother is hurting the Internet is there to support each other. This blog business has opened me up to a few special stories that have really touched me more than I thought. So, gone are the days of motherhood support only being your neighbourhood or maybe a group that you belong to. Now, mothers can be in different situations, like struggling with day to day life and sleepless nights or struggling with the health of your babe, and motherhood support across the world is there. Of course we are all in different situations and probably have different beliefs but the thread of motherhood is powerful and all encompassing. When things are grim and time stands still we look past our frivolous differences and support one another because we love our babies.

My son is healthy but I can still feel the hurt for a mother with a baby who is struggling to live. The love for my own baby is so strong and stretches so far that you know that a fragile balance exists and that in a second things can go from pure happiness to a deep dark place that feels bottomless. The health and well being of our babies and family is really the utmost important part of life and is the meaning behind absolutely everything and anything. Who cares about fancy lip glosses or the perfect latte when health and family are off balance.

There is a mama and I do not know her personally. I have never met her or even exchanged a personal email with her. However, I know about her family and watch her babies grow because she has opened up to the blogosphere and shares her motherhood experiences with a tremendous amount of readers. Her baby was born with a heart defect and months later he is now having his hardest struggle as his heart beats at over 225 beats each minute. Her baby is close in age to Ben and once in awhile when I look at her blog pictures I see hints of my own baby in hers.

I don’t know them but the world wide web has brought Minnesota and British Columbia a bit closer. I’ve never snuggled that baby but he is in my thoughts today. Today I hold my own baby a smidgen tighter and feel his heaviness in my arms. My arms and back might ache but I don’t care because he is right there pulling at my hair and smiling up at me. I know the balance of happiness is fragile and I am going to be right here living in the moment. Go see who I am talking about here

Prayers for Stellan



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