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Ten Things

July 4, 2009 // Parenting

Ten things I miss from my pre baby life:

1. Sleeping in until I actually want to wake up.
2. Going to the bathroom in private.
3. Casually eating your take away food in the park at my own leisure.
4. Late night date nights with my honey that start at 8 PM and not end at 8 PM.
5. Thinking, ‘yeah it’s the weekend! It’s my time!’
6. Not feeling guilty for going out with girlfriends.
7. Enjoying home decor and impractical decorating items.
8. Being able to come and go.

Ten things I love about my now baby life:

1. Chubby baby thighs that I can smooch and nibble anytime.
2. Having Ben wave at me and think I am the coolest person ever.
3. Wearing him on my hip, in my sling, and having people smile at us.
4. Finding out just what kind of Mum I am.
5. Singing my ‘Canadian Idol’ heart out at baby music class. I am really good.
6. Having deeper friendships with friends who have babies.
7. Naked baby bum.
8. Having my baby learn to feed me Cheerios and watch him look so proud.
9. Realizing how much love and care my own Mum went through to raise me.
10. Raising a baby to a boy and into a man.



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