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The Modern Dad: You Rock!

July 7, 2009 // Parenting

I am trying to take full advantage of my year long maternity leave and get involved in some fun baby activities while I have the opportunity (time!). We have already done a cute music class and now moved on to baby gymnastics at a cool little gym downtown called Jump Gymnastics. It does classes for the six and under crowd and it is pretty close to our apartment, which is always a nice.

Ben is the only boy in a class of just over a dozen and he is rough and tumble and ready to go! It is an interesting thing to take in the different types of parents that come together during these baby classes. Especially as they are interactive and require you to really get down there with your baby and just go for it. In our music class there was one dad on paternity leave but a few who came on and off through the months. In today’s gymnastics class three dads were there helping their babies tumble around on foam mats.

I find that the addition of dads is always refreshing and adds a little bit more to the class. Dads do things differently than mum’s and it seems that we sometimes parent differently. I hate to say that I like it! The role of the modern Dad has really evolved since the days when fathers to-be sat in the waiting room or even waited at home while we birthed our babies. There are more expectations put forth and more dads are hands on with the day to day stuff.

The progression of the role of the modern dad is one to be embraced, celebrated and encouraged. I think this progression stemmed from the need for a two income family and has really advanced the role that dads have in providing child care to their babies. Culture changes and the new norm gets established. Today’s dad wears his baby in the sling during the fussy hours, puts together fresh baby food and can handle the bath routine with precision.

I really think it is cool that as Ben grows up his role model will be a man who is involved and I know so many of you are out there.



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