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Family Outing at the Fair

August 30, 2009 // Parenting, Vancouver

Oh the fun times you can have at a fair in the city. Bring on the farm animals, the dog shows and all the fair food you can eat. Deep fried anything seemed to on the top of the menu at most joints. We didn’t indulge in any deep fried Oreos but we did introduce our boy to those delicious mini donuts that only the fair can make just right.

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Outings like these are definitly a lot different when you go with a nearly one year old and we didn’t end up staying too long or seeing too much. We took Ben to the Super Dogs show to watch all the tricks but Ben preferred to giggle and smile at a girl sitting to the right of me. She had long dark hair and Ben was quite intrigued by her and let her know as he tried to jump into her arms. No lies, totally true.

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We went and looked at an exhausted pig and her 8 piglets who looked like they were responsible for the mama pig’s fatigue. Those little piglets are crazy nursers and so vicious too! We saw fancy chickens and sheep and calves and had a good old day out at the fair in the city.

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