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Hi, It’s Me Work Calling.

August 5, 2009 // Uncategorized

Work has been on my mind lately and it’s a strange thing to admit but I am actually looking forward to going back. I think it is the combination of how I love my profession now that I have had my own baby. Of course if I had things my way I would just pop into work when the mood struck me. Help a few ladies cope through their contractions, hang around for a couple of births and when I started to feel a bit tired I would pack up and come on home. No 12+ hour shifts for me! No long unending night shifts with no breaks in sight! I would just come and go and life would be grand. I know this is not really anyones reality but a girl can dream can’t she?

When Ben was under 4 months old and we were living through the P.U.R.P.L.E crying phase, I actually dreamed about heading to work. It seemed to me that even a hard day at work was easier than mothering a constantly crying high needs baby. I still believe this to be true because work eventually ends no matter how horrible it was. Plus a coffee break sounded like a nice addition to the day! Work is really truly lingering around the corner for me and I am not as eager as I was back than but I still feeling somewhat excited.

The other day the gal who waxes my eyebrows at Aveda said something about how returning to work reminds you of the person you were before you had a child and that person still exists but hasn’t been around during the last while. I guess I can agree with her comment some what. I am curious how I will be in action and in the throws of helping someone through labor. Will I be different? Maybe better or stronger at decision making or maybe totally exhausted from balancing it all? I also met another mother who said, ‘I don’t mean to judge but I just could not go back to work.’ Yeah. Life is tough and full of decisions. Some people HAVE to go back to work. I smiled and nodded! Like I said at the beginning, if only I could have it my way things would be bliss.

I have decided to not over think going back to work and not over plan how things will work out. I am just going to figure out how the old me will make my old job work with the new me. Did that make sense? I know that being a parent you really learn to s-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself in so many ways already.

What do you think about mom’s returning to work?

Product Placement Wednesdays coming up next….. off to go and have a coffee and sea wall walk with my family! Got to love these sunshine filled summer days. I am making the best of them too!



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