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I Think I’m In Love: Things That Make This City Girls Heart Beat Faster

August 18, 2009 // Uncategorized

There are a few luxurious that I enjoy thinking about from time to time and I allow my mind to wander and dream about these things. I don’t know why but thinking about them can make me a smidge happier. Here are a few of the latest things that I allow my mind to wander to and enjoy.

Mad Men! Roar! Seriously excited about watching Mad Men with my husband and discussing Peggy and all the boys. I love the costumes and all the hubba hubba that seems to flow so juicily from this show. Love it! Love it! I can’t get enough of all the obscene love affairs and feeling torn between characters. Plus those sweater sets!

I have been eyeing this lovely handbag over at Coach. Just admiring from a distance really because I haven’t allowed myself to touch this luscious purse or wear it on my shoulder and live in make believe land while I stand in the shop. My husband will tell you that I have a large enough purse collection but a girl can dream right?

I have had my eye on this sweet handmade pillow from Sarah over at Koo and Poppet. I love the big B and how it is paired along with this specific bear. I have visions of it being in Ben’s room and him leaning his sweet head on it. I like the fact that it is made from someone versus a big old machine in a factory. Plus I like that it is local to my geography and shopping local is always good for everyone.

While I am on a roll of things that I am loving I will also include this very nice french press from Bodum. I have glanced at this many times on line. I love a french press and I love purple and here is the wonderful union of both! Of course my kitchen is already stocked with two other presses from Bodum but this one is PURPLE. Purple!!



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