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Mama in the City is on Vacation

August 15, 2009 // Uncategorized

I left my dear husband to fend for himself for one week and took our boy to visit his grandparents and cousins for a full week. I am sure my husband will enjoy some solitude and restful nights and we will enjoy some fun cousin play time and I will have some good sisterly visits. We are taking lots of pictures and strolling around parks with the sea breeze fluffing up my hair. I am pretty sure I over packed but you never know what might happen over one week away from home. I am trying my very best to cram everything into the last few weeks of my maternity leave. I am pretty sure the full time shift work will hit me hard and these adventures will be a lot more sparse.

Here is Ben helping me ‘get organized’ for our little holiday. Actually, his talent of pulling everything out of the packed suitcase might be more unhelpful than helpful but I won’t be too bothered about that! Instead I distracted him by allowing him to play with my husbands camera equipment.



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