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Baby Envy: When Pink or Blue Just Aren’t Your Colors

September 29, 2009 // Parenting

There seems to be a bit of a baby boom among a bunch of my friends and I am so excited for all of them! A couple of twins in the mix too; seriously though I know 3 couples all expecting twins in 2010. It is always fun watching your friends enter parenthood and grow their families. I guess the fun comes from knowing that person for the way that they were before and the way that they live life after children come to live with them.

Along with upcoming babies I also have friends who are trying trying trying to get pregnant and have baby #1 or #2. Not just one couple or two but a few different friends of mine are living this situation. The bitter sweet part of being in the boat of trying for a baby is the baby envy that you get and cannot control. You want a baby, you love babies, you are so good with babies but you don’t have one yet.

I know that feeling of wanting a normal healthy pregnancy (now not later! is the sentiment) and feeling like people and their baby bump appear everywhere and anywhere you happen to be. All of a sudden you have baby bump radar and it is turned on to the extreme. Of course you are truly happy for your gestating friends but you might also feel a little bit of jealousy. I can’t help but think that baby envy is perfectly normal for women who want to reproduce but haven’t just yet. I think is also normal for you to think that you deserve to have a baby more than ‘they’ do. I know most people would never say that but I will. I tell you, baby envy can make you crazy!!

When you have baby envy you can rationalize all sorts of things; like how you have been trying longer than your pregnant friend or you have been married longer than your girlfriend. It ain’t pretty but it is the realistic truth and I am sure I am not the only one who has gone there.

I guess pregnancy is on my brain because work is coming up very soon and I will be hands deep in pregnancy and birth (which I am so excited about!). I started to get my mind thinking about boobs, bums, bellies and babies and am trying to remember just how to be a labor and delivery nurse. Somehow this post all ties in together and I would like to make it clear that in no way do I currently have baby envy. Just to set the record straight.



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