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Babywearing and Babyloving: International Babywearing Week!

September 24, 2009 // Parenting

If you have read any part of this blog of mine you know that I am a mama who loves to wear her baby. This week it is International Babywearing Week. Did you know that? I didn’t but I am celebrating it now!

I didn’t really start out in motherhood thinking that babywearing was something that I was interested in but it became necessity for survival and sanity with our fussy crying babe. You can read about our experiences with babywearing HERE. The best part is that I happen to love wearing Ben and he loves it too. In fact he is happiest on my hip with the sling hugging him tight next to me. I use a Gorgeous Baby sling and have my favorite one that I love to use.

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We also have a Bjorn front carrier along with our Gorgeous Baby slings. My husband has used a Bjorn and a sling and I have my favorite sling that I bring everywhere. Even Ben’s Auntie Glynis would wear him in a sling during the cry fest of 2008. We still often ditch our stroller in favour of wearing Ben around. When he was really little babywearing sometimes did seem like a chore of sorts but it was a beautiful reprieve from the constant crying. I swear that Iost some postpartum pounds from toting around my baby and doing the fussy baby dance with him in the sling.

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Have you been a babywearing mama or do you still sling and carry your babes around? Tell me your story and celebrate with me! Happy International Babywearing week to everyone! Find out more about babywearing here.

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