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Drama In The City: Man on Segway With Crazy Dogs

September 6, 2009 // Vancouver

This afternoon I took the baby and dog for a walk around the seawall. It had been a grey cloudy kind of day and as soon as I saw the sun peek out I hit the sidewalk for our stroll. Baby was hollering up a storm, he is trying to learn how to sing but isn’t quite there, and the dog was being a good girl and was nicely heeled right by the stroller on her leash. La de da life is good! Well, it was all peaches and cream until ‘the incident‘ took place.

Where we live there is a small community of people and dogs that you see every day and you sort of get to know who is who and who does what. Sort of like a small town within the city so to speak. Our dog Maggie is a good girl and her only bad flaw is that she is quite ball obsessed and gets so excited when she sees anyone playing with a ball.

Anyways, back to today and our lovely seawall stroll that was rudely interrupted by a dude on a segway (yes a freakin’ segway, I am not kidding) and his two Australian Shepard’s that are conveniently off leash. Anyways, the segway dude is taking up the whole sidewalk with his ride and was chatting to some other guy about how cool Australian Shepard’s are.

I stroll by with my babe and my dog nicely tucked into my side and all of a sudden his dog lunges towards our old girl with teeth and saliva flying everywhere. It is our THIRD time that his (off leash) dogs have attacked our dog and this time there was some blood. I kind of surprised myself by being able to pull my dog out of the dog attack pile and yell, “this is the THIRD time your dogs have attacked MY dog!” He acted a little oblivious and was busy pulling his dogs off and away and then….then his segway FELL onto another pedestrian who was coming up some nearby stairs. Yeah, I am serious and the lady did a good yell as she fought off the segway. It was all a good scene really but one I would have liked to observe versus being involved in.

The conclusion is that I rushed home and was in a bit of a panic and my good old husband went on out and randomly ran into a police officer who started cruising the neighbourhood for segway dude and his duo of dogs. There was no fiery dramatic ending really. My husband ran into segway guy, who smelled of booze and apologized and said his dogs NEVER are vicious. He gave his name and number but it still leaves a bitter taste. This is the third dog attack in a two week period and it freaks me out.

Has anything like this happened to you? What have you done? Got any advice or tips for me? I am bound to run into this dude again and my first instinct is to bolt across the road. Here is a ridiculous picture of a mother pushing her stroller while riding a segway.



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