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September 4, 2009 // Uncategorized

My husband passed this news story on to me, maybe you have already read it? I am sure that, for the most part, people are horrified by this story. The basic run down is a mum and tot were shopping in a Walmart and the tot was crying. Sound familiar? No, I am not talking about you. So, it turns out the 2 year old girl’s crying started to get to this man and he said some rude stuff that should have been filtered in his brain. “If you don’t shut the baby up, I will shut her up for you.” You might think this but you don’t say it and you definitely don’t act on it. Then he encountered the crying girl a second time and gave her 4-5 whacks on the face.

Go here to read the article but come back and tell me your opinion. Now, I obviously think this man was 100% out of line. First off it is not his child to discipline and second smacking a crying tot is so not the answer. I am also curious if people would be just as horrified if it was a parent who smacked their toddler for crying in a Walmart. What do you think?

I have been in that situation where your child is fussing up and being loud and you can feel the evil stares burning in your direction. For the record, it is mega stressful to be in that situation and most parents will try many things to stop their child from fussing and crying in public. I have even just left the place we were in because of this. I think that this man sounds like an angry person who was set off even further by the sounds of the “waa waa waa”. I know that kids crying can make me feel annoyed but my reaction is to move on and maybe throw the parent a smile.

Now for something totally different. A little clip of my boy playing the recorder. I know, I know! He is not even 1 and he is playing musical instruments. Any related grandparent will find his talent awe inspiring and this is for them. All 3 of you!



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