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Thankful: My Top 10 List

September 12, 2009 // Uncategorized

Today I am feeling rather thankful and I thought I would share that. It helped that today Ben has been a very good good boy; full of smiles and waves and sleep. You know those moments/days/weeks when everything feels like it is aligned and you don’t let yourself stress over those upcoming potential road bumps that might be ahead (cause you know something is always lurking).

So, today I am thankful for:
1.the perfect espresso shot that was poured into my iced latte this afternoon.
2.the smile I got from my baby when I came into the room. husband taking the time to look after the boy so I could go to Aveda and get my eyebrows waxed into shape.
4.the cupcake I just might be eating tomorrow.
5.talking to my older sister on the phone.
6.Ben spontaneously breaking into dance when I played this video from Kickyboots blog.
7.squeezing in a self pedicure in the bathroom during nap time.
8.being able to wear a tank top on our daily walk (see previous blog post!).
9.realizing that today was pay day and I didn’t even work (thank you vacation time!).
10.having the spare moment to write this blog and reading all the comments from you readers.

What are you thankful for RIGHT NOW?



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