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Well, Hello Fall. Welcome To Vancouver!

September 10, 2009 // Vancouver

My boy is in bed and I am sitting here with the table lamp and the dining room light on and I realize that this is a sure sign that….fall has come to Vancouver. There is no longer any evening sunlight pouring through our (many) condo windows and a change is here. The thing is, I don’t actually hate it. I really love living somewhere where the seasons truly change and you have to rotate your wardrobe accordingly; time to fish out the sweaters and put away the flip flops. I get a little excited thinking about upcoming seasons but usually by the end of them I am ready for the next one.

Fall means it is time to burn scented candles in the evening, take warm baths and maybe make a pot roast. Fall also means it is time to haul out the umbrella (just in case!) because you never know when you will need it. A true Vancouverite will not mind being caught in a slight downpour here and there. Getting wet is part of living on the west coast. Vancouver dwellers will have an umbrella stashed somewhere nearby at all times. In their purse, in the trunk, in their pocket (?)!

All this umbrella talk leads me to the real reason behind this blog post. People of Vancouver: please, please remember your umbrella etiquette. This also goes for visitors to the city of Vancouver and I mean this in the nicest way. Like a public service announcement of sorts.

 Shot in Vancouver

Street photo of a lady with a properly sized umbrella: Husband in the City

If you are the person who walks down the city sidewalks with your gigantic golf umbrella you need to read on. You see, I understand all the advantages to having the most gigantic umbrella but there is no place for these in the city. The sidewalks are crammed and huge umbrellas are more than awkward. Go and read what Gumdrops had to say about umbrella etiquette. Click HERE. It is like they read my mind! My only additional tip is this: if you happen to be out and about on a rainy afternoon with your girlfriends, do not walk next to each other across the sidewalk while individually using your umbrellas. This will cause much fury and pedestrian anger and battle of the umbrellas will naturally commence.



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