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A Post Where I Write About Christmas (and realize it is October)

October 13, 2009 // Parenting

Every Christmas my sisters and I do an annual sisters Christmas shopping trip. We get together, feel festive and do a little Christmas shopping and spend time together. We try to make a weekend out of it and swap between sisters coming to Vancouver or sisters heading to Victoria.

We have been doing this for at least 10 years now and have only had one occasion where someone was sick and the trio of sisters . Last year the entire event was planned around a crying baby Ben and my hungry motoring one year old nephew. We made it to an entire ONE shop where we bought matching pajamas and called it a day. I think there was a Starbucks visit somewhere in the middle of that.

Last years Christmas shopping trip was a little different than years before. Being able to do the shopping trip with a fussy 3 month old felt like a big success to me. We forgot the stroller and had to put his bucket car seat into a grocery cart (that I pushed around the mall). He had cried his heart out just before going shopping and slept for awhile during (in the grocery cart!) and cried more until I nursed him in the car before we left.

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My youngest sister was over last night and so we started talking about planning a date for the upcoming 2009 sisters shopping get together. That’s how we roll! We make fun of people who plan early and than always plan early ourselves. Just talking about the upcoming holiday season got me excited. Thinking about the scents and the colours and the potential baking I might get around too got me feeling premature festivity but I’m okay with that.

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Of course I am still digesting thanksgiving dinner but I am already looking forward to upcoming 2009 holiday events. I find that it is the whole ‘looking forward’ to something that gets me through routine days. Plus, who doesn’t love a shopping trip with your sisters?



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