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October 6, 2009 // Beauty

This past weekend my family of three went out for brunch to one of the restaurants in Yaletown. I noticed many single ladies wearing their best weekend outfits for co-ed group brunches out. The girls all had glossy hair and planned out outfits from head to toe that were all in perfect fall colours.

As I dined on a delicious egg benedict with prawns and avocado a Coach purse caught my eye. This thirty something gal was rocking a new Coach purse. I haven’t added to my purse collection in over a year, not including the nice Christmas gift my husband gave me last year. I have a few over time shifts at the hospital ahead of me if I want to consider a luxury item.
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The chocolate bag really caught my eye and I ended up looking at other purses and bags that I could fawn over. Even though I am still on a shopping strike for large ‘extra’ purchases I still enjoy looking!



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