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Rain rain go away..little Ben wants to play!

October 23, 2009 // Vancouver

Today is a wet, grey rainy day in Vancouver. Which is not uncommon for this time of the year but still a little bit disappointing considering the amount of time we stroll outside and head to the park. So, what is an apartment baby suppose to do in order to have a little fun in the day even with the rain is coming down? There is only so much fun to be had cooped up in the apartment all day. I think this afternoon I will put Ben in his swim suit and head to the indoor pool in our condo and get a little wet…inside!

Overall I don’t mind the rain and it is something that you get used to when you live here. You have your rain boots and an umbrella and you just accept that the bottom of your pants might get a little damp. However, the fact that it is raining does ultimately lead to less stroller walks out and about in the city and more inside time and careful planning of potential outings. So, even though the rain is coming down outside we still want to venture out of our apartment and have our daily outing.

Tonight I am so fortunate to be keeping dry indoors at the hospital. Who doesn’t like to work a night shift on a Friday night? A blip in the staffing schedule has me working tonight and, while there might be some obvious dread, I am trying to make the most out of my ‘day off’. So, we will go to the pool and I will be reminiscing about the sun I enjoyed in Maui last month.

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