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Retiring My Nursing Bra

October 16, 2009 // Birth & Breastfeeding

Today was the day and I went out to buy my first post nursing bra since stopping breastfeeding about a month ago. I had been loving my Anita nursing bra and raved about it right here but that part of my life has cycled by and the boobs are now all mine again. I’ve been wearing around my old pre Ben bras and they were almost all collapsing.

I had heard many stories, from sisters and girlfriends, about the scary shrinkage that can occur when you stop nursing. Plus the droop and the sag and the overall number that pregnancy and breastfeeding does to your breasts. So far, a month post nursing, things are looking okay and actually not too scary. Sure they are not like the originals but fairly close! I was curious what kind of size changes would happen and so far nothing major.

Before Ben and pregnancy I measured in at a 34 D and as my pregnancy bloomed I was a 36 E . While I was nursing Ben for the last year I was at a 34 F in the Anita nursing bra. So, today I was curious what the bra specialist at Diane’s Lingerie would have to say about things. Turns out that my post breastfeeding and post pregnancy boobs might look a bit different but I walked out wearing a brand new 34 D. Same size as before pregnancy.

So, now it is time to pack away all my larger pregnancy sized bras and my nursing bras and toss out the ill fitting ones that should not be worn. I bought 2 new ones today and I am really digging them so far. In all my talk about boobs and bras I would like to draw attention to the fact that October is breast cancer awareness month. The Canadian Cancer Society talks about it here. Some studies have reported that lactation can help prevent breast cancer too. This website has a good discussion on why this is.

I am sure we all know someone who has been effected by breast cancer. I first heard about breast cancer when I was a little girl and my parents friend was diagnosed in her late 30’s. Right now my friend Lesleys mom is fighting inflammatory breast cancer. Do you know someone who has had breast cancer? Give them a shout out in the comment section.



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