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Breaking It Down Wearing Rose Coloured Glasses

November 13, 2009 // Parenting

In the perfect world I’d have enough money so that I did not have to work but I’d still pop by the unit once in awhile on my own accord!

Today I’m feeling quite fortunate to have the job that I do have and the flexibility that comes from having to work shift work. 2 days on and 2 nights on and 5 days off; of course the shift is 12.25 hours long but the point is the 5 days off. During my last bunch of days off I was able to do all the mum stuff that I want to do with Ben and so I feel so fortunate that I can still do that.

-went to bumblebee baby music class at one of the community centers
– had a baby play date at our pad complete with an Okiedog outing
-….and went to another play date in the burbs with lots of little ones all about
-we walked all around downtown in the rain and played at the park a few times
-and also Zipped to and fro

I even managed to squeeze in a little visit with some friends and had a pedicure and now have some shiny toes pained in Miami Beet by OPI. Pretty good days off were had and soon it will be time to start the cycle all over again.



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