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Husband in the City is… Shot in Vancouver Photography

November 10, 2009 // Uncategorized

My husband has always been the overtly creative one in our relationship. He makes amazing delicious meals from scratch, he can take the most memorable family photograph, buy a truly great present for any occasion and is a very hands on dad to our boy Benjamin.

On our third date he cooked me a full on three course dinner that blew my mind. There was a layered potato concoction that contained 2.5 cups of reduced cream and was so tasty that I decided right there that this was ‘the man’! The level of deliciousness in that meal was out of this world and I realized that he was a very special guy, so I quickly made another date! After dating for a couple of years he decided to put a ring on it (in the words of Beyonce of course) and we got hitched in a traditional type of wedding in Vancouver almost 4 Decembers ago.

When our son was born my husband asked me to get the labor room with the best natural light so that he could be sure to shoot some quality pictures. At the time I sort of laughed about it but I did find the ultimate best labor room that made my photographer husband happy all around. He hauled in two cameras, four lenses and a flash and took over 500 raw images over the course of my 2 day labor.

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I have been so fortunate to have a partner who takes quality intimate photograph for our family albums. All of our special moments are captured and even those routine daily moments too. Of course, when your partner is the main photographer in the family there are not too many pictures with him actually in it! Our trip to Europe in Spring of 2008 is about 90% of me and the remaining 10% is either my husband holding the camera out in front of our smiling faces. He has a genuine interest in street photography and stealthily capturing everyday moving moments.

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You can find my husbands photography site HERE and he is listed as one of Vancouver’s essential portrait photographers over at

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