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I’m A List Making Fool

November 2, 2009 // Uncategorized

I am feeling it…the pressure of working long busy shifts while having an active toddler at home is catching up with me. Gone is the natural high of just returning to work and here are the days of feeling like I am drowning at times. I assume that this is normal and that some days will be smoother than others. I feel like there is a constant catch up on the laundry and less time to make plans with girlfriends and less time to keep up with emails and something has gotta give!!

When things get busy in my life I turn to list making to help me feel balance. I don’t even have to be particularly busy to make a list and find comfort in the whole process of coming up with the ‘to do’ part. It isn’t so much the act of crossing off each items but more about the process of writing things down. Sometimes I write down things that I have to go and do and other times it is a list all about advanced planning. Along with list making, advance planning makes me feel less stressed when things get busy.

Tomorrows ‘to-do’ list looks something like this:

-take Ben to baby music class
-send off sisters birthday card
-buy friends anniversary card and send off
-plan meals for coming week (a whole other ‘to do’ list!!)
-buy bath wash for Ben
-reschedule dentist appointment

Not too bad and not too crazy. Are you a list making fool like myself? Do you think making lists actually help to get things done? Let me know what you think. Make a list for me if you want 😉



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