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It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Ben On His Okiedog!


When Ben turned 1 we found the perfect birthday present for our busy boy who wasn’t yet walking; we gave him a fun green Okiedog Cheeky Chick push and ride on toy. He knew what to do with it as soon as it was out of the box and we posted some fun full of glee pictures HERE. Ben has played with this toy daily since he got it 2 months ago. He really learned how to walk once he could use this toy like a walker and get around with ease.

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Now we take it outside to the park beside us and let him go to town on it. The only thing is that you can’t find the push handle anywhere in Canada and so we had to get creative and use the end of our Swiffer. It is totally nerdy but clicks in semi perfectly to the back of the toy and you can push Ben around for as long as you can tolerate. He will stay on that toy for an endless amount of time.

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Today I had a baby play date with my friend and her 1 year old daughter and we headed over to the park with our Okiedog and got many comments about the toy from other parents. Some people were proud owners of their own Okiedog and wanted to know what push stick we were using and others wanted to know more about the toy. I felt silly each time I admitted it was our Swiffer handle but you’ve got to be creative!

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We bought our Okiedog at Granville Island Kids Market in Vancouver but you can check it out on the official webpage at



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