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It’s Holiday Time!

November 27, 2009 // Uncategorized

Tomorrow is a special day for me! My two sisters are making the trek to my neck of the woods and we are having our annual sisters holiday shopping trip. We have plans to go and see the holiday musical ‘White Christmas’ at The Stanley here in Vancouver.

My husband will never ever go to a musical and so I am happy to have my sisters to go with. Especially as we have a whole evening out on the town planned. Over the weekend there are shopping trips planned through out and I have my Zip car booked so we can trek around the city.

I am really excited that my older sister Sarah has offered to help put up our Christmas tree. She knows me too well and knows how much I hate putting Christmas lights on the tree. She is going to be bringing my 5 year old niece with her and the little cousins will get time to play together.

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Then there is my little sis Glynis. She is going to be coming and going through the weekend and is always so helpful with entertaining Ben and so I think that some actual shopping just might get done on this holiday shopping trip.

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