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The Birth Experience

November 30, 2009 // Birth & Breastfeeding

The experience of birth is an amazingly huge experience in your individual life. I believe it is so powerful that it shapes you into a different person after birth. Like any big life experience really. When I go to work and attend a labor in the same room where Ben was born, I can’t help but reminisce about my own labor and delivery of my son. Every single time. Of course some of the painful memories have faded and I am left with these fuzzy amazing memorized moments my labor and birth.

I have started to pay more attention to how a persons individual birth experience shapes their post delivery feelings, especially when things don’t go as they had hoped or planned. For myself, I had a great labor and birth ( all be it long) and I left that part of my life with positive warm fuzzy memories of the people involved and my general experience. However, I know from girlfriends who had STAT c/s or instrumental deliveries were left with different types of memories than me. One friend even had such strong emotions tied to her stat Cesarean birth that it was months before she could talk about her daughters birth without feeling traumatized. Another felt like the nurses played a negative role in her stat forceps delivery and she still harbours anger around her birth experience.
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This isn’t a new topic by any means but I think that I finally understand the importance of each individual persons birth experience since I have had my own. It may just be ‘another long shift‘ at work for me but it is a life time of memory for the family that I am working with. I get that and now I totally practice based on that belief.

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The thing that I struggle with is how can I, the maternity RN, help you get your warm fuzzy memories when things like STAT c/s or forceps deliveries have to happen in order to have healthy alive babies and mothers? I want all of you to have amazing powerful birth memories and feel full of strength and support. When the power of your personal experience is taken away how can we give it back to you and recognize what may have been lost along the journey?



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