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The Casserole Craze; Bringing Back An Old Tradition

November 4, 2009 // Parenting

Back in the day when a new baby was born neighbours and friends would take to their stove, whip out their cookbooks and create casseroles and home style cooking for their friends and family. These dishes were welcomed and appreciated and eaten with gusto. Well, at least that sounds sort of accurate and don’t correct me if I am wrong.

When my friends started having their babies I took to bringing food to them during the early days or sending a big gift basket filled with snacks. I knew that this was a decent idea after having a conversation with a good friend when she was pregnant. She told me that she really hoping people would bring over food dishes to put in her freezer. It would free her up from having to think about cooking or ordering out and allow her to totally focus on recovering and breastfeeding and just having a new baby in the house!

This post is my public service announcement to YOU; let’s bring back the casserole craze for our friends with new babies. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or fancy just something easy to heat up; you will be appreciated on a whole new level and a tired family will be singing your praises. What do you think? Will you join in?

When I had Ben I had an amazing girlfriend who cooked up a delicious storm from the moment I was in labor until about 2 weeks after Ben was born. There was: vegetable lasagna with oodles of cheese, handmade perogies with all the fixings (including the sour cream!), stir fry, a foodie gift basket of treats and some serious snacks. I can’t sing enough praises of my friend Krista and her smart ways of supporting me. It was awesome to have these meals brought to us and she went above and beyond.
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The times I have ordered gift baskets of snacks for freshly new parents they told me how nice it was to have a supply of easy snacks for visitors that would pop by to see the new baby. I have made fresh cannelloni for a girlfriend who had her second daughter and my husband has whipped up broccoli cheese soup for another close friend.

The point of this post is easy; bring food to your friends and family who have new babies at home and bring back the tradition! It should never have faded away. You don’t need to be fancy at all and even gift cards for a local pizza joint will be gladly received. So, tie up those apron strings and get cooking!



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