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The Science Behind A Good Sleep

November 8, 2009 // Parenting, Uncategorized

I am absolutely in love with sleep; long uninterrupted hours upon hours of heavenly sleep that leaves you feeling rested and ready to go. When it comes to those moments where there is a lot of stress in my life, sleep seems to be the best cure for relieving the side effects. Feeling overwhelmed? Have a nap! Feeling burnt out? Go to bed early!

It’s rather simple really and the only thing that gets in the way of all these hours of potential sleep is just two things. Working shift work and having an active toddler named Ben. However, my husband is seriously awesome because he knows how sleep will make me a better person to live with and so he gives me a good chance for sleep. Ahhh….sleep!

To encourage the best sleep possible I like to have a gentle night time routine. If you know me personally than you know that it all starts with a bath. A long warm bath with the best smelling bath products and a magazine to read of course! My absolute pick for the most relaxing bath is Kiehl’s Lavender Relaxing Bath with Sea Salts. You can actually see the collection of fine salts in the bubble bath bottle and the scent is such a nice vibrant lavender. You can soak in the foamy bubbles, get some aromatherapy and the product leaves your skin oh so soft because of the salts.
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You also need to have a something to wrap yourself in before you get into bed to unwind and sleep. I am all about the nightgown and usually never wear pajama pants other than to lounge around the house in. I also think a beautiful soft robe is the perfect way to keep yourself warm after your bath. Something like this nightgown from Victoria’s Secret would totally help make me sleep so much better, I just know it!

Of course you need to have some luxuriously soft bed linens to crawl into after your warm bath. I love a fresh set of clean sheets that are soft and inviting and feel so nice against your skin that you don’t want to get out of bed! That is probably one of the best parts about staying at a luxurious hotel. High end, high thread count sheets and duvets! This is my pick for some really great bedding from Pottery Barn. The white and blue are my perfect combination for soothing bed colours.
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I even do the whole ear plug deal to block out any noises and have been known to don an eye mask to keep light out. What helps you to get a good sleep?



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