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City Dwellers At The Park

December 4, 2009 // Apartment Living, Vancouver

I had a sweet curious reader email me asking me this question, ‘where does a child in the city go and play?’. This reader lives somewhere in the burbs and in her neighbourhood there are many possibilities for children to have play time out in the fresh air. So, she was curious if Ben had the same opportunities being the apartment baby that he is.

Well, we do have the same options right here in the heart of the city! Among the city streets and the cement buildings there are; elementary schools, high schools, community centers, corner stores (where the owner recognizes you and gives you a cheery wave) and lots and lots of parks and playgrounds. The difference that I can come up with is that in the city we walk everywhere and car hopping is not part of our daily life.

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Today Ben and his dad went out to our big backyard to play. You know, the big backyard that is actually the two playgrounds right behind our apartment. From our apartment window we can see a huge green space and a playground. So, the two of them got all bundled up for the cold clear sunny day and went out for a fun time of playing and swinging at the park. Even though we are city dwellers we have more than enough opportunities to have fun with outside playtime. Oodles of ideas and places to go that we venture to daily. This is one part of raising a family in the city that I really love.

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