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Jumping On The Bandwagon?

December 10, 2009 // Vancouver

Over the past few weeks downtown Vancouver has slowly become more and more ‘Olympic like’. My old favourite downtown parking spots have been closed and recruited for special Olympic events. Areas that I used to walk through now have fences built up to mark off private Olympic parking or events.

The last change I learned the hard way and ended up walking a distance through the large open area while pushing Ben in his stroller. This was a place we walk a lot and I ended up learning that the whole area had, in fact, been completely fenced and the only way to get out was to walk back to the original and only opening.

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I have had mixed feelings about Vancouver hosting the Olympics and never felt 100% dedicated towards the big event. However, it is literally in my backyard and I have decided that it might just be easier to go with the flow and see what will come out of all the changes going on. In fact, tonight when we got home we could hear the nightly choir practice going on as people warm up their pipes for the opening games.

As the time creeps up and the date of Vancouver hosting the 2010 games gets closer you will probably read more about it from me and you can bet that there will be some interesting photography, compliments of my husband of course! I am curious how it will be to work at the hospital during the Olympics and so very thankful I don’t have to drive to get to work.

Are you looking forward to Vancouver hosting the 2010 Olympics? Are you against it or did you hop on the band wagon after all? No matter your stance the Olympics are coming very shortly.

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