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Feeling grumpy and blogging about it

January 10, 2010 // Uncategorized

I am just chugging through on to my second night shift and am complaining miserably to myself and possibly my husband. I feel gross and unhealthy and am getting ready to go for my final 12.25 hour shift in a little bit. This is the life of a shift working nurse and my reality. No matter how tired I felt in the first year of Ben’s life, shift work officially knocks you out.

My biggest pet peeve is when people assume you just need a tiny nap after you come home in the morning. I have heard it multiple times from different people and it always grates on my nerves. It usually goes something like this:

Annoying Person: Hey Mama, how are things going with you?
Mama in thy City: Oh, not so bad but I did just get off a night shift this morning.
AP: Oh yeah. So, what are your big plans for today? Since it sounds like you are on days off now.
MIC: Well, I just got off this morning. As in, I am tired and feel jet lagged but didn’t travel anywhere. I need to go to bed.
AP: So you will have a nap then? Lucky! A nap is so nice! I would LOVE a nap!
MIC: Umm…well no not a nap a sleep. Cause I worked all night all night long while you were sleeping and relaxing. Know what I mean?
AP: Well, I guess so but it is day time?? ( Looks confused, does not understand the whole night shift deal)
MIC: Yes, after working all night long I need to go to bed. Just like I would at night. For a good chunk of hours. Just like you did last night.
AP: Oh. Well have a good nap then. Lucky you!

This is my real life conversation with an Annoying Person.

PS. One of my girlfriends that I work with is a single mama in the city and she does not get a nap nor a sleep after her last night shift. She deserves a big prize in my opinion!



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