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Happy New Year Peeps! My Blog In Review

January 2, 2010 // Uncategorized

Last June I was on maternity leave and I was starting to feel like I needed a hobby. I had been on maternity leave for about 11 months and was tired of watching TV in my few moments of spare time. Instead I felt like I needed an outlet and something to spark my creativity and let my ideas and experiences flow freely and not become stagnant and forgettable.

The end result was this blog; Apartment Baby brought to you by Mama in the City! The experience has been wonderful and I have loved writing on various topics that I feel passionately about, as well as writing about my growing boy and our daily life.

Here are my top five personal picks from 2009:

1. Maui Magic : Our first Hawaiian vacation left us tanned and loving all things Maui. We were ready to go back the moment we left and hope to go back to island life again.

2. Lazy Saturdays Served Family Style, highlights the advantages of living in the city as a young family.

3. The Period of P.U.R.P.L.E Crying and how ‘Wine Friday’ came about, this is one of my top viewed posts as many tired parents google the term ‘the period of P.U.R.P.L.E crying’ and land on this particular post.

4. My photographer husband wrote the post ‘How to bring your camera into the delivery room (and live to talk about it). This has been a popular posts on a photography forum and highlights some of my favourite labor and delivery photos from my birth.

5. There Goes The Foreskin got people talking about infant male circumcision. A topic I feel passionately against and apparently so do most of my readers.

Thank you sweet readers for taking the time to come and read my blog. Enjoy the fresh start to this new year!



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