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Let’s Go Shopping!

January 20, 2010 // Uncategorized

With sickness and low key winter days keeping me at home, I have become a bit of a hermit but I don’t mind one bit! It is so nice to just relax in the apartment with my family and watch the day go in and then out. As my husband works from home we do get to spend quite a bit of family time together. There is always breakfast, lunch and dinner spent together as a trio. Plus the occasional walk around the city to get a latte, walk the dog and take Ben to the playground.

With all the recent homebody activity there has also been a major decline in the amount of shopping and spending on my part. I have been watching the savings account grow and it has given me a major itch to go and shop. I know that sounds so backwards and I should really be happy saving but I also like to spend and shop. Surprised?

In my virtual shopping basket I have a few hot items that I am blissfully pining for. My first stop would be Khiels on Robson for their ‘Simply Mahvelous Legs’ shaving lotion and of course some of their super hydrating facial moisturizer. These are an indulgent purchase but worth every excessive penny spent.

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I think after stocking up on these essentials I would head over to the Gap to look for a fun new sweater for all my lounging days spent at home. Maybe something like this would end up in my shopping bag.

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I might also go and pick this scarf up on my way home. A pop of colour always helps to beat the grey winter days and I can see a lot of use coming from this silk printed scarf from Banana Republic.

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So, with my arms virtually strained from carrying around these shopping bags I would head home but not before I enjoyed a delicious latte from my favourite coffee joint. Ahhh, such a nice day. What’s in your virtual shopping bag?!



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