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Advice Needed Please! Traveling With A Toddler

March 2, 2010 // Uncategorized

We have a trip to Arizona coming up in a couple of weeks to go and see some of my husbands family. We have never been to Arizona and a really excited. This will actually be our first plane trip with Ben. My husbands sisters and brothers will be meeting Ben for the first time and his mom hasn’t seen Ben since he was a wee one at 5 weeks old. He’s 18 months old so it is time to test the waters. We picked a short three hour flight with minimal time difference and that is the Vancouver to Arizona flight. We have been afraid to go on a plane with our child and afraid of traveling with him but the time has come.

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When Ben was an infant the mere thought of being on a plane with him would make me break out into a sweat. Ben was a challenging baby at home and I just could not picture wanting to see how it worked on a plane. Would he be the baby that makes everyone crazy with his loud crying? Yes, I am very sure this would have happened. We have been putting off any type of travel for a long time and so we are really excited that we finally feel up to it.

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I need any of your tips for traveling with a toddler. Send them my way via comments on this post. Show me the way people! I know a lot of you have probably flown with your family many times and so this makes you an expert. Should I carry him in a carrier or bring a stroller? Regular stroller vs. umbrella stroller? Do you book an extra seat and strap a car seat in or is this over the top? Tell me! Tell me! Do all hotels have cribs?



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