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Chic Lit and Beyond: Late Night Adventures With Books

March 9, 2010 // Uncategorized

I have always been a collector of books and at one point I had a bookcase filled with lovely interesting literature. All were well read, some had ruffled corners from accidentally being dipped into bath water and some had folded downed corners and wrinkled covers. As I collected more and more book I ended up having to get rid of a lot of filler books and only keep the books that were important to me. The thing with apartment living is that these is a lack of space and there is no room for an accumulation of so-so books.

My top books that I read again and again………

She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb is the first book that got me really interested and I’ve read it about five times. I love the story line and the characters. I especially loved that such an interesting lead female character could be written so well by a man. I actually didn’t totally get that a man had written this beautiful book until I flipped the book over mid read the first time around.
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Midwives- A Novel by Chris Bohjalian
A powerful read that captured my interest way before I was a RN and interested in birth and maternity. I found the conflict in this book full of suspense. It had me feeling anxious and worried and reading page after page with intensity.
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My third book that I always keep despite frequent book purging is The Birth House by Ami Mckay. Again, I found this book way before I had a real passion for birth and the subject still stuck with me.
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Of course I will admit to my love of chic lit and light novels that are full of amusement and escape. Jennifer Weiner’s book Good in Bed feels that need right up! A sexy plus size character deals with love and relationships and had me flipping pages late at night.
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The last book of choice is Hurry Down Sunshine written by Michael Greenberg. My parents gave me this book for Christmas when Ben was a crying infant. Somehow amidst the chaos I was able to read this and devour each page of this story. It is written by a father who details that story of his teenage daughter who “was struck mad”.
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Have you read any of my favourites? What do you keep on your book shelf?



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