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Fun On The Farm

March 8, 2010 // Uncategorized

This weekend my nearly sweet six year old niece hopped the ferry from Victoria and came to the city for a visit. She loves cupcakes, all things princess and the colour pink. So, it was no surprise that when I went to open up her princess backpack that a sea of pink greeted me. She has mega energy and loves to tell me stories about her life in Victoria. Sometimes she forgets that her mum is my sister and is surprised when I know something about her mum.

We spent most of the sun filled Friday outside at the park and walking the seawall in Yaletown. There may have been a few special treats but that is what a visit to your auntie get you! Right now she is helping Ben brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Oh yeah! Just before I taught her how to write in bubble letters and she was so impressed with my skills.

Today we were up bright and early (actually it was still dark out so it was just early) and we had big plans to go on an outing. I booked the Zip car and we were out the door at the same time that most people were rolling out of their bed and sipping coffee. We took my niece and Ben to Maplewood Farm in North Vancouver. We visited the cows, goats, sheep, bunnies and fed the birds and chickens.

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Just as we were leaving the rain started up and we darted off to Rocky Mountain Flat Bread Co., a very family friendly dining place nearby. My niece was delighted with the very large Shirley Temple she got and we enjoyed our pizza.

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