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Living It Up!

March 24, 2010 // Uncategorized

Well, it is day 3/23 of my vacation and things are looking pretty good! So far I have accomplished a little bit of my ‘to do list’ and also managed to squeeze in a dinner date with my sweetie.

Day 1 involved sleeping post night shift and I managed to jet to the Aveda shop for a much needed eyebrow wax and a cup of their delicious comfort mint tea. It turned out that my day 2 was pretty great too! I started by lounging in bed until just after 8 AM, which was such a nice treat and reward for taking the dog out at night. We often trade off like that.

My parents are visiting from Victoria and we utilized their grandparent status and they took care of little Ben while we headed out. We ended up doing errands and had dinner at Society in Yaletown. I had a blood orange cocktail and stared at their fun pink chandeliers.

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Photo by Larry Goldstein, via The Glowball Group

When my parents come we have to pull the ‘we live in a condo’ card and they stay at a hotel nearby. Ben loves having them around and all the extra attention he gets. I expect many more nice days to come and plan to make the very most out of this time off.



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