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A Coffee Date

April 17, 2010 // Uncategorized

The other day I had a good friend over for a coffee date. This works out well with a busy toddler who won’t sit still in a coffee shop or cafe and is also friendly on the budget. I’ve started having more at home coffee dates with girlfriends and I think that it allows for a truly relaxing coffee date. I made a spread of delicious nibbles and, of course, a fresh french press of coffee to serve.

I put together an assortment of things to serve. We had some fresh roasted almonds, plump strawberries, yogurt covered raisins, out of the oven croissants with strawberry jam, spiced crackers with Gouda and some organic turkey.

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It was a lovely coffee date with good conversation and lots of giggles from little Ben. I thought I would set out the coffee and snacks on the kitchen table so that everything was ready for my friends arrival. Little did I know that Ben can now reach up on to the table and help himself to the feast. He loved everything about having an at home coffee date, especially the yogurt covered raisins!

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