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Product Placement Wednesdays: Rocky Mountain Soap Company

April 14, 2010 // Uncategorized

It’s been awhile since I did a Product Placement Wednesdays and that is only because I hadn’t come across a product I was willing to rave about. I have done an assortment of product reviews in the past and they have all been something that I personally use and love so much that I wanted to share it with you.

Last week I was in Victoria and I went shopping with my older sister. We walked past Rocky Mountain Soap Company and she mentioned that she was using their unscented body butter to treat her 2 year old sons eczema and that it was really working out for him.

Now my boy Ben has rough patches of skin on his body and he has had them since he was an infant. They come and go and get worse if I don’t moisturize his skin. It doesn’t seem to matter if we use soap or no soap or cut back on bathing or use different laundry products. They are just there and they don’t seem to bother him but they bother me! I hate seeing red patches on his skin!

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I like the idea of using all natural skin care products on my boy and so I bought the travel size to give it a try. It was after the first use that I noticed a big difference in Ben’s skin. So, I also started using it on my dry skin and I am seriously impressed with the effect. I like that the stick is completely non greasy and has no scent. It is easy to use and Ben seems to enjoy trying to put it on without the mess of a lotion.

I’m going to keep on using this product and see what difference it makes over the long run. So far Ben’s skin is softer and the areas of dryness are no longer red. Have you used this product before? Tell me what worked for treating eczema for you or your family.

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