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I’m Dreaming Of Summer Holidays

May 18, 2010 // Uncategorized

Things have been a bit busy for me lately and when that happens (because it does and it will) I like to retreat into my ‘advanced planning mode’. I get great satisfaction out of starting to plot things that I can look forward to. I like day dreaming about fun summertime retreats with my family. The same goes for advance planning evenings out or scheduling meet ups with friends or even a casual play date. Somehow day dreaming about these things allows me to temporarily escape and get through the really busy moments.

Right now I am yearning for upcoming quiet summer days spent at a cottage near the beach. I can already picture the mornings filled with sandy playtime at the beach, afternoon BBQ and evenings spent reading books and sipping wine. I don’t know if this will actually happen but allowing myself to think about it is making me smile and….breathe. Which is exactly what I need right now

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