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Pancakes! Yes please!

May 2, 2010 // Uncategorized

One of my favorite thing to eat is pancakes. If I go out for breakfast I often order a stack of pancakes and seriously love each fluffy bite. I like them hot and in stacks of three with blueberry sauce on the side. I like the ones at the local greasy spoon and I like the lemon and ricotta ones at Bacchus Bistro downtown.

If it is my birthday or a special occasion, I will order pancakes. Sometimes I try to be healthy and order the fruit plate but end up taking one of my husbands pancakes. You can tell that I am plotting this pancake theft in the picture. I think I had 1.5 of those delicious room service pancakes. Yum!

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There is something about pancakes that make me happy. Maybe it is because they are simple and delicious and easy to make? Pancakes were the first real food that I learned how to cook as a child and I remember on a few occasions whipping up a batch for my family starting as early as in grade 6. My son also loves to devour pancakes as much as I do and this makes me smile. What child doesn’t love pancakes?

I enjoy this Pancake Love print by juxtaposeddesign available on Etsy. It captures my thoughts exactly!

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Maybe tomorrow will be a pancake morning. What about in your house?

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