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The Mums Are Talking…..

May 19, 2010 // Uncategorized

It seems that mothers are talking and it turns out that there are some very unhappy mamas out there. Its not the terrible twos or the fussy baby or a belligerent preteen being discussed; it turns out that many mamas did not feel properly appreciated or celebrated over Mother’s Day two weekends ago.

Not just one friend but multiple friends told me they felt this way. It was also my hardworking coworkers with many mothers day celebrated in the past who felt this, and also a new table mate that I met over a group dinner out. The barely there grocery store flowers did not cut it nor did the belated card.

After really listening to these women and hearing just how let down they felt by this past mothers day, I got to thinking about who is responsible for making Mothers Day truly wonderful? What do you think? Do you think we ask for too much and should be happy with the homemade crafts? Should the fathers step up and recognize the role you play and give you a magnificent celebration?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we used Mother’s Day as a ‘free pass’ for you to take care of yourself and do something you really want. Maybe it’s okay to take charge of your Mother’s Day and, if an afternoon massage and pedicure would make you feel good, then book it if you can!

If you are wondering what I did to celebrate my Mother’s Day I did enjoy a day off it started with a bit of a busy brunch out downtown. Nothing raises your blood pressure quite like dining at a nice place with a crazy toddler. Later that Sunday I walked around the city and went shopping for myself and by myself. I had a coffee at a little cafe and enjoyed the afternoon immensely. I even went by a wine shop and participated in a tasting before going home for dinner with a bottle of red. My husband was sweet and made me (my requested) lasagna and we served up the wine. The only thing that I wish that I had done for myself was buy myself a fragrant bouquet.

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