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A Day in the Life of Ben: 1 Year Later

June 15, 2010 // Uncategorized

I thought that with all the celebrations going on in this blog that it was high time that I did a post all about Ben. Apartment Baby started up when Ben was around 10 months old and he had just started to sleep longer than 45 minutes in a row. I was still on maternity leave and had a creative itch and this is how Apartment Baby was born!

This past year you read about my sleep problems with Ben and the overall lack of any REM sleep in our house for the first 14 months and the challenges of having a high needs baby that rocked my world! The thing is, Ben was a challenge during his babyhood but has turned into a total delight in his toddlerhood. He is lovely all around and even tempered, I really have nothing to complain about. I did a ‘Day In The Life Of Ben’ a year ago and thought a follow up would be in order. You can compare notes about one year ago over here

Here is our day today!

8:50 AM– We get Ben out of his crib. He has been awake for a bit but quietly reading books by himself. We are loving this new phase after many months of very early wake up calls. If you have a fussy baby it doesn’t mean that you will never get to enjoy sleep ever again. It can happen!

9:15 AM– We have a big breakfast at the table and he eats an adult sized portion of everything served to him. Toast with peanut butter and scrambled eggs are on today’s menu. He drinks milk out of a sippy cup and spends a good amount of time sitting in his highchair chowing down.

10:00 AM– I find Ben in my en suite bathroom pumping shampoo out of a giant bottle and lathering it on his body and an impromptu shower follows.

11:00 AM– Play time in the apartment! Ben loves to look at his books and scatters them about the living room floor and into my bedroom. He watches a short bit of the Teletubbies on my lap while sitting on my bed as I blow dry my hair. He is afraid of the hairdryer and the sounds that come out of it.

12:00 PM– A little outside playtime at the park next door. He loves to collect tiny rocks and sticks and leaves to put down one of the many water drains. He isn’t so much into playing on the playground right now but loves watching for dogs and playing with nature.

1 PM– Lunch time! Turkey sandwiches all around.

1:15 PM– Ben’s nap starts! He loves to go to his crib and pull out some books and stash them in his crib. I don’t know what time he goes to sleep but he doesn’t call out until around 4:30 PM.

4:00 PM– We have visitors over, Auntie Glynis and Uncle Kyle are here! Ben wakes up to our chatter but is happy to see everyone. He throws out some kisses and hugs and does a bit of showing off.

5:00 PM – Another outside playtime but this time with the dog and an Aunt and Uncle. We chatter with the neighbouring children and they share toys and play together.

5:45 PM– First dinner. Cheese tortellini in tomato sauce.

6:00 PM– Bath time is early but Ben enjoys having his Auntie Glynis give it to him.

7:00 PM
– Our dinner is ready and Ben comes around for dinner number two. He has some more playtime in the living room with his box of toys.

7:25 PM– Off to bed. We do our nightly routine. Pick books to put in the crib, quiet snuggles and kisses and make sure his bear and blanket are ready to go. Ben lays down on his own and gets comfortable. We kiss goodnight through the crib slats and I leave the room. He is awake when I leave and we will hear from again in 12 hours or so.



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