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Playtime! How do you play?

June 5, 2010 // Uncategorized

Recently a brand new dad approached me and asked me 101 questions about taking care of a newborn baby. Now those types of questions I am totally fine with from being a mum and doing what I do for a job. It was his question parenting question that made me stop and think. He asked me, how do I parent my child’s playtime? Do I play alongside him or let him play on his own or somewhere in between? I hadn’t given much thought to this topic and just do whatever comes naturally to me, sometimes I can be strict but I can be rather silly too!

I play on the floor with Ben and sometimes he goes off and explore on his own. I let him go into rooms without following right behind. My power walks are now these s-l-o-w meandering walks exploring the world with a toddler. It seems that right now Ben has gravitated towards two different types of toys. He will either go for all things that have engines (trucks! cars! bus!) or his brand new doll stroller and baby doll. He loves these two almost equally and can put a good amount of attention into playing with them both.

We have brought the stroller out for our seawall walks with Ben and pushing the stroller keeps his pace up.

Now every time I get his UppaBaby stroller out, he wants to take his out too.

My little apartment baby is so sweet.



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